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Research and Scholarly Activities

Responsibility: Vice-President, Research
Authorization: University Council
Approval Date: May 23, 2002


To establish guidelines for publication of research.


Results of all research and scholarly work undertaken at the University may be submitted for publication at the discretion of the scholars involved, subject only to the qualifications set out under this policy.

Limitations to Publication

A research sponsor may be given the right, under terms of a formal contractual agreement, to publish research results or to review their publication in advance.

In any event:

Delays in publication beyond the normal limit specified in (a) above may be permissible if patent protection of research results is being sought; this requires the authorization of the Vice-President (Research).

At the request of a research sponsor and with the student's permission, a thesis may be withheld from deposit in the University Library for up to twelve (12) months. All publication deferrals of research involving graduate students' theses, beyond the normal limit, must be approved by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

If, under the terms of a formal contract, a sponsor agrees to provide data essential to research which is clearly labelled and defined as "Confidential", the University may accept such contract and observe such confidentiality provided that:

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