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Use of the University Seal

Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: University Secretary
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Jun 24, 2005
Amended: Dec 15, 2010


This Policy sets out the proper and appropriate use of the University Seal and provides for its protection in a safe and secure place.



The University Secretary or delegate shall be the keeper of the University Seal. The University Secretary shall authorize any creation and placement of any duplicate seal(s) and shall oversee the use of such duplicate seal(s) in accordance with the requirements of this policy.

The University Seal shall be kept in a locked and secure place. The University Seal shall be made available for use in a secure location that allows vigilant oversight.

The University Seal may be affixed by the University Secretary, or other Delegate authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University pursuant to the Signing Authority Policy to sign documents on behalf of the University, or by an agent or employee of the University carrying out his/her assigned duties.

Procedure summary


The University Seal shall be affixed to the following academic documents:

1. Undergraduate, Graduate and Earned Doctoral Degree parchments providing evidence of a Degree conferred by the University, signed by the Chancellor, President, Secretary and Dean.

2. Certificates providing evidence of an honorary degree conferred, signed by the Chancellor, President and Secretary.

3. Diplomas and certificates approved by the University and signed by the President, Secretary and Dean

4. Certification of Degree, Diploma, or Certificate

5. Official greetings forwarded by the University and signed by the Chancellor and President.

6. Such other documents as may be designated in writing by the Secretary


The University Seal should be affixed to contracts in accordance with the requirements of law. Section 98 of The University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995 provides as follows:

98 All transfers, mortgages and other instruments or documents to which the university is a party are deemed to be properly executed by the university if: 

(a) the corporate name and seal of the university are affixed to the instruments or documents by the secretary or by another officer of the university authorized to do so by the board; and

(b) the official signatures of the secretary and the chairperson or vice chairperson of the board, or any two officers of the university designated by the board for the purpose, immediately follow on the same page the corporate name and seal of the university.

The University Seal shall be affixed to contracts authorized by Resolution of the Board of Governors including:

1. Contracts for the purchase, sale or mortgage of land;

2. Licenses to use, leases and commitments of real property, facilities or resources of the University for a term exceeding 10 years;

3. Contracts having an anticipated cost to the University of $500,000.00 or more;

4. Collective bargaining agreements;

5. Bonds, debentures and securities issued by the University or agreements involving the borrowing of money or the guaranteeing of obligations;

6. Contracts having the potential to significantly impair the financial status of the University, contracts with the potential of material risk or onerous consequences, whether legal, financial, reputational or otherwise or contracts that are precedent-setting or involve sensitive issues.

7. Contracts reserved for the consideration of the Board of Governors by the University President, a Vice-President, or the Board of Governors, by resolution.


After Approval Date of this Policy, set out above, the University Secretary or delegate shall maintain a record of all documents to which the University Seal is affixed.

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