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Reimbursement of Educational Costs

Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: Associate Vice-President, Financial Services
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Jun 28, 2001


The University of Saskatchewan encourages employees to enrich their employment through degree and certificate programs, through professional and specific skill-related courses, and other means of professional development. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance regarding the reimbursement of educational costs.


The University of Saskatchewan uses specific guidelines to determine whether reimbursement of educational costs is appropriate and whether these reimbursements will be considered a taxable benefit to the employee. There are three broad categories of educational costs and specific requirements that apply to each:

Procedure summary

Claims for reimbursement of educational costs may be made from the following sources, dependant upon the employee's bargaining unit affiliation and entitlements:

Each source of reimbursement has specific requirements regarding authorization and reimbursable expenditures.

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