University of Saskatchewan


Managing and Controlling Monies

Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: Associate Vice-President, Financial Services
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Mar 30, 2001
Amended: May 6, 2005


To enable the University of Saskatchewan to effectively manage and control monies received.


Each operating unit is responsible for following university procedures to ensure all monies received are handled in a secure manner, deposited on a timely basis to a University account and are subjected to the appropriate internal controls and accounting treatment.

Procedure summary

The University of Saskatchewan, through each of its operating units, receives monies.  The University must safeguard its assets and protect its monies from theft and misappropriation through a sound internal control system.  This policy and the accompanying guidelines and procedures sets forth how the university ensures compliance with requisite internal controls; and how it ensures accurate reporting of revenue in the conduct of the university's business.

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Contact Information

Contact Person: Treasurer and Director of Pensions, Financial Services
Phone: 306-966-6276