University of Saskatchewan


Library Materials

Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: University Librarian
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Sep 1, 1979
Reformatted: Mar 30, 2001


To ensure library materials are accessible to all faculty, staff and students at the University of Saskatchewan.


Loan periods for library materials are to be set to allow maximum accessibility for students, faculty, and staff. Fine structures are to be set to encourage the timely return of library materials for the use of others and are applicable to all users. Where appropriate, electronic resources will be acquired in such a manner as to allow authorized users 24 hour access to them.

Procedure summary

Loan periods and fine structures are set in consultation with the Library Committee of University Council.

Procedures related to access to library materials include;

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Contact Information

Contact Person: Director of Libraries
Phone: 306-966-5942