University of Saskatchewan


Conflict of Interest

Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: University Secretary
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Feb 8, 2002
Amended: Dec 12, 2008


To set forth policies and procedures in respect to the recognition, disclosure and resolution of conflicts of interest relative to all members of the University of Saskatchewan.

This policy does not replace any other University policies, but is intended to be exercised with other policies or collective agreements, which may address specific instances of conflict of interest.


Scope of this policy

This policy applies to everyone who is a member of the University of Saskatchewan.  A University member means all faculty, staff, trainees, students, and adjuncts of the University of Saskatchewan, whether fulltime, reduced, or part-time, and any other person while acting on behalf of or at the request of the University including, but not limited to members of a University committee (including the Senate and Board of Governors), persons giving advice or providing services to the University at the request of the University, and anyone involved in a decision-making process.

No member of the University will be discriminated against for being involved in a conflict of interest so long as the individual has acted in good faith and in accordance with this policy and any other related University policies.


A conflict of interest occurs when there is a divergence between a University member's private interests and professional work outside of the University and their obligations to the University such that an independent observer might reasonably question whether the University members' professional actions or decisions are determined by considerations of personal gain, financial or otherwise.

Conflict of interest is a breach of an obligation to the University that has the effect of advancing one's own interest or the interests of others in a way detrimental to the interests of, or potentially harmful to, the integrity of the University. Conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts of interest must be avoided.

Since the possibilities for conflict of interest are almost limitless and cannot all be covered in procedures, University members are expected to conduct themselves at all times with the highest ethical standards in a manner which will bear the closest scrutiny, and are responsible for seeking guidance before embarking on activities which might be questionable.

Unit heads are responsible for taking immediate and appropriate action when they become aware of violations of the policy.


Each University member has a responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest, and the appearance of conflict of interest, and to disclose to their unit head any conflict of interest situations.  It is important to note that some situations may arise that are not specifically defined by this policy; however, they must be reported to the unit head in order to determine if a conflict of interest exists.  All disclosures should be made in writing immediately upon discovery.


The following are illustrative of situations, which may lead to a conflict of interest.


The intent of this policy is to assist the University in the management of conflict of interest situations before they arise or when they become known.  The University expects that its members will comply fully with this policy, including all requirements for disclosure.  Failure to do so shall consititute grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with any applicable collective agreement, employment contract, or student academic or non-academic discipline regulations, other applicable disciplinary process.

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