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Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: Vice-President (Finance and Resources)
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Jun 1, 1998
Reformatted: Mar 30, 2001


The University of Saskatchewan recognizes that in a time of limited public resources, more university colleges, departments, and administrative units may rely on paid advertising to support their activities.

The University of Saskatchewan recognizes the need to follow common guidelines when soliciting or accepting paid advertising in any University of Saskatchewan publication, audio or video production, website, or other media.


All University of Saskatchewan colleges, departments or administrative units that accept paid advertising in any publication, audio or video production, website, or other media, must develop an advertising policy.

This policy will ensure that those individuals responsible for accepting or soliciting paid advertising have a written set of guidelines to assist decision-making and do not act arbitrarily.

Advertising policies must be congruent with the University of Saskatchewan's Values, as identified in the University of Saskatchewan Mission Statement.

The Vice-President (Finance and Resources) or designate may require revisions to an advertising policy, should it deviate significantly from other such policies or from the University's Values as stated in the Mission Statement.


Individuals requiring assistance with developing an advertising policy are encouraged to contact the Office of Communications, or the Office of the Vice-President (Finance and Resources).

Individuals tasked with developing advertising policies should consider:

A copy of the completed advertising policy must be sent to the Office of the Vice-President (Finance & Resources). A central repository on advertising policies will help to ensure consistency among policies, and will serve as a resource for those who require examples.

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