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Violence Prevention


Responsibility: Associate Vice-President, Human Resources / Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs / Director of Campus Safety
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Jun 23, 2000
Amended: Feb 1, 2005 / Mar 5, 2013


To minimize and prevent the occurrence of violent incidents, to promote a safe work and learning environment, and to comply with the Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.


The University of Saskatchewan is committed to ensuring the safety of all members of the university community.  It values the well-being of all persons using or visiting its premises and working or studying within its community.

Scope of the policy

This policy applies to all members of the university community including individuals employed directly or indirectly at the university, students, volunteers and visitors.  This policy applies to risks, threats and incidents of violence that occur on university premises and other work and study sites under the university's control, or during the course of any university sponsored event.  This policy also applies to conduct not on university premises that has an identifiable and substantial link to the University or that affects the University learning or living environment

"Violence" as defined in this policy is consistent with The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Section 37(1):

...the attempted, threatened, or actual conduct of a person that causes or is likely to cause injury, and includes any threatening statement or behaviour that gives the worker reasonable cause to believe that the worker is at risk of injury.

In addition, for students, the Standard of Student Conduct in Non-Academic Matters also contains prohibited actions, including threats of harm or actual harm by any means (including electronic means) such as (but not limited to): assault, verbal and non-verbal aggression, physical and verbal abuse, and intimidation.

Situations involving discrimination or harassment will be handled using the procedures contained in the University of Saskatchewan Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy.

This policy does not prevent the use of reasonable force by members of Campus Safety where appropriate, nor does it limit or amend the provision of any collective agreement and is not intended to discourage or prevent someone from pursuing a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, Occupational Health and Safety, or via any other legal avenues available.


The University of Saskatchewan strives to ensure the safety of all members of the University community. The university, through this policy, strives to prevent or minimize the risk of violence, facilitate prompt action, and provide support to victims of violence.  It values the well-being of all persons utilizing its premises, whether they are visiting, studying or working within its community. The University does not condone, and will take action to address, violent behavious that interferes with the provision of a positive, productive environment for working or learning.

All members of the university community share the responsibility for creating and promoting a safe environment and are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and responsible manner.


All members of the university community are responsible for ensuring a safe environment. Further details regarding the responsibilities of the university, employees and students can be found in the Violence Prevention Procedures at:


Following procedural fairness, the university may take action against anyone whose activities are in violation of the law or of this policy.  The actions taken may include, but are not limited to:


A complete copy of the procedures for addressing issues of violence or threats of violence is available at

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