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Naming of University Assets


Responsibility: University Secretary
Authorization: Board of GovernorsUniversity Council
Approval Date: May 11, 2001
Amended: Dec 9, 2011


To provide clarity and transparency concerning the authority and processes by which the University’s assets are named, and to ensure all university assets are named in accordance with the university’s mission and values.


In naming university assets, consideration should be given to factors such as

Naming of university assets will align with the strategic direction and mission of the university, and will be guided by planning documents such as the Core Area Master Plan (including Planning Principles), and the project development process for capital projects, and will take into account the reputational implications for the institution as well as practical considerations.

The governing body responsible for approval of a name change (the Board of Governors or Council) will look to the unit(s) most closely affected for a recommendation for a change of name, always balancing the recommendation with an overriding concern for the best interests of the university in general. 

Scope of this policy

Assets covered by this policy include, but are not limited to

The policy does not apply to chairs, professorships or other academic programs supported by Tri-Council granting agencies or similar agencies where these are governed by other policies.


The Board of Governors has the authority and responsibility for the naming of physical assets, and for recognition of donors and of worthy individuals through naming opportunities.

Council has authority and responsibility for the naming of academic offerings such as courses, degrees and fields of specialization.  Council also has authority and responsibility for the naming of academic units when these describe the academic function of the unit.

In some cases, Council and the Board of Governors have a mutual interest in the naming of the university’s assets.  Examples include centres, research chairs, professorships, scholarships, awards, and academic units or offerings, when the naming reflects both both the academic intent for the initiative and a naming opportunity related to donor recognition.  The board recognizes Council’s significant interest in the naming of colleges, schools, libraries, centres, institutes, departments and divisions. In turn, Council recognizes that the board has been entrusted with powers and responsibilities for financial and administrative support for the academic programs of the institution, including fundraising. 

Factors to be considered in naming assets should include functional or academic purpose, opportunities to honour individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the university or the community, and recognition of special relationships with the university including donor recognition. 

Any academic unit that will be affected by a change to its name, or to the name of one of its programs or organizational units, will be given opportunities for input prior to any decision to effect such a change. 

University assets will not be given names that are inconsistent with the university’s mission and purpose, or that imply the university’s endorsement of a political party, ideological position or commercial product.  Such considerations, however, do not preclude a naming for an individual who has held public office, or for an individual or a company that manufactures or distributes commercial products.

All naming of university assets must be in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) legislation, specifically the Registered Charities and Income Tax Act, and any other applicable CRA regulations.

Named recognition may be revoked if, in the opinion of the approving body and following consultation with the affected units, circumstances respecting a recognized individual, organization or corporation contradict the mission and values of the University of Saskatchewan or if the named recognition is not in the best interest of the university.

Authority and responsiblity

Board of Governors

Under The University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995, responsibility and authority for naming the university’s physical assets rests primarily with the Board of Governors, which is assigned the role of overseeing and directing all matters respecting the management, administration and control of the university’s property, revenues and financial affairs, including the approval of gifts to the university and of the terms of reference for such gifts.  The Board of Governors also has the authority under the Act to provide for the establishment of colleges, schools, departments, chairs, endowed chairs or institutes, and of scholarships, fellowships, bursaries and exhibitions, if authorized by Council. 

With respect to naming, the Board of Governors has responsibility and authority for


Under The University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995, responsibility for overseeing and directing the university’s academic affairs is vested in Council, which has the authority to grant degrees, diplomas, and certificates.  Council also has the authority to authorize the board to provide for the establishment or disestablishment of colleges, schools, departments, chairs, endowed chairs and institutes, and to approve academic offerings such as courses and programs of study. Council has a significant interest in the names of the university’s assets as they reflect on the integrity and quality of the institution’s academic offerings.

With respect to naming, Council has responsibility and authority for


The Board of Governors delegates the following responsibilities:

Council delegates the following responsibilities:

In the case of responsibility that has been delegated to an administrative unit or committee, if a disagreement over a naming recommendation should arise, the final decision will rest with the governing body (i.e., Council or the Board of Governors) that made the delegation.


For the naming of campus assets for recognition purposes:

For the naming of colleges, libraries, schools, departments and divisions or of academic offerings (courses, programs, degrees, diplomas and certificates) for academic purposes: 

For the naming of chairs, endowed chairs and professorships:

For the naming of centres and institutes:

For the naming of academic awards and prizes (such as scholarships and bursaries):

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